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『以信為本 以質取勝』


『以信為本  以質取勝』


面對瞬息萬變的經營環境,著眼於市場需求。以高品質提升品味,創造產業 優勢空間,提供絕對的優勢。

By releasing B. Metis – a professional template for Joomla 2.5, ByJoomla provides a more customizable template that comes with many cool features.

B. Metis not only focuses on professional administrators but also amateur designers by designed in Joomla - one of the most user-friendly CMSs. With 8 template colors, multiple layout styles and a huge typography library, users' content will be effectively presented.

In general, this ByJoomla template can match any purpose, from being an online-channel for business to personal blog sharing so users can be free with their creativity.

Joomla BJ Metis template by ByJoomla.com